When seeking a home loan or advice on refinancing your mortgage, you want quick answers and top-quality service. But above all, you want accuracy. You want to know that a) your pre-approval isn’t a rubber stamp, and b) you found the best loan you can qualify for, with the most favorable terms. Phil Ganz is deeply committed to both.

Phil is your guide through the mortgage marketplace. He starts by actually pre-approving you. He goes beyond just checking your credit score by carefully reviewing your income and assets. He reads the fine print, preparing a credible offer for the seller to accept at the best possible price. Phil’s knowledge, commitment, and meticulous process are crucial to saving you money.

And in the rare case you don’t save, Phil offers a full money back guarantee for his services: up to $7,500.

Phil’s in-depth knowledge of mortgages provides you with tailored, reputable service. His process is proven to exceed expectation time and again. He can help you refinance a sinking loan, evaluate if a fixed or ARM is right for you (and explain what that means), or save you thousands in reducing even previously negotiated lending terms. By your side every step of the way, Phil is a sound source of expertise for your Boston mortgage needs.

If you’re eager to meet a trusted loan officer who gets the job done, contact Phil or apply for a loan today.