3 Reasons Why You Should Look To Yelp When Buying a Home

Today, I am going to discuss three reasons why Yelp is the best place to find a mortgage or real estate professional. For your life’s biggest purchase, hiring the right professional can make the difference in the price you pay, the process, and ultimately whether you get the home.

1. The Reviews. To be on Yelp, you have to collect many reviews over a long period of time. If you are not established, then less of your reviews get filtered. The reviews are also high quality, explaining the experience of the home buying process.

2. Having a Listing. Being on Yelp is optional in some industries like real estate and mortgages. Many people choose not to be on Yelp, because their best practices would be less than satisfactory. You should assume that if they are not on Yelp, they would be two or less stars. If they are on Yelp, they’re are going to hold themselves to the highest standards, trying to obtain the five stars.

3. Being Part of The community. Yelp is more than a review system. It’s a community of people that want to help people make the right decision. You can usually view pictures of the business, which can lead to more inspiration or helping you make the right decision by looking at other people’s experiences. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the Yelp Community with your consistently stellar reviews.

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