Mortgage Applications Rise Over 7%

Graph: MBA Applications Index over 52 Weeks

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U.S. mortgage applications rose for a second straight week, with demand for home refinancing loans rising to its highest level since early June.

For Week Ending: Aug 21, 2009

Seasonally Adjusted
Total Mortgage Activity: Up 7.5 %
Mortgage Index Now: Up 566.4

Unadjusted Basis
Total Mortgage Activity: Up 6.3 %
One Year Ago: UP 34.1%

Seasonally Adjusted
Refinance Activity: Up 12.7 %

Purchase Activity: Up 1.0

Percentage of Total Activity

Refinance Share: 56.5 %
One Week Earlier: 53.3 %

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) Share: 6.5 %
One Week Earlier: 6.5 %

Source: Mortgage Bankers Association

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