Filing an Insurance Claim for Flood Related Real Estate Losses in Greater Boston – Mid-Atlantic Storm Report

Floods can be traumatising, and cause a lot of damage but, if you have sufficient insurance coverage, things can be made much easier.

Steps To Be Taken To File Your Insurance Claim

Collection of Proof of Damage: The first thing you should do upon returning to your house is document all of the losses. This is important, since insurance companies require evidence which clearly shows all of your losses in detail. So take photos of everything and, if possible, also take a video. Make sure to cover the following with your photos

  • – Damaged property
  • – Level of flood water inside the house
  • – Structural damage
  • – Objects thrown out or discarded because of severe damage
Image credited to Christopher S. Penn / Flickr

Creation of a List of All Damages: After taking photos of everything, create a list which contains all of the items and objects which have been lost or damaged as a result of the flood. Make sure to include the purchase date of the objects along with the receipts for the objects (if you have them). Additionally, include details of any structural damages to the house in the list.

Separate The Objects: Next, separate the damaged and broken items and objects from the ones that are still in working condition. This will make it easier for the insurance adjuster to check the objects, and save time.

Filing the Claim with the Insurance Company: This step can be done before or after collecting the evidence, and making the list of damages since it will take the insurance adjuster a few days to give you an appointment (especially if large scale flood related damages are present). Once you file for your claim, the adjuster should call you to fix an appointment. If this does not occur, then call your insurance company again to follow up.

Proof of Loss Form: Once the adjuster arrives, he or she will check all of the evidence, if everything is present and true, you will be provided with a proof of loss form. This form must be filed with your insurance company to make your insurance claim official. Additionally, make sure to file the claim before the end of 60 days from the day of the flood or storm. After this time period your claim could be rejected for being too late.

Follow Up: Once you have finished filing the claim, keep in constant touch with the officials from the insurance company. This will speed up the process and also allow any questions the insurance company might have to be answered quickly.

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