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You Can Actually Exceed 4 Mortgages – Financing 5-10 Investment Properties – Boston Mortgage

You may have heard a rumor that banks can only give you 4 (four) fixed rate mortgages. That’s false. You can actually get 5-10. First, avoid getting trapped into an adjustable rate mortgage with a portfolio product.… more

How To Use Rental Income to Qualify on a VA Mortgage Multi-Family Property – Boston Mortgage

If you are a VA veteran buying a multifamily property, and if you do not have 12 monthsproperty management experience, you cannot use the rental income to help you qualify for a Boston mortgage loan.… more

Common Mortgage Loans Offered by Lenders in Greater Boston – Boston Home Loan Update

When applying for a mortgage loan in Boston, it can help to familiarize yourself with the common mortgage loans offered by lenders in the Greater Boston area, to ensure that you get the best deal possible.… more