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Parents of College Students Can Get a Special Home Loan – Family Opportunity Loan – Boston Mortgage

There’s a secret loan program that colleges and landlords do not want you to know about. College room and board is out-of-control expensive, and the alternative of renting an apartment off campus is nearly as costly.… more

Balloon Mortgage Loans In the Greater Boston Area – Characteristics

While not for the average mortgage customer, a balloon mortgage loan in the Greater Boston Area does have its set of unique advantages. However, a thorough understanding of the loan and its inherent characteristics is a must before signing any loan contracts; because of the risks associated with this loan.… more

Shared Appreciation Mortgage – Pros and Cons – Boston Home Loan Information

Introduction to Shared Appreciation Mortgages Mortgages are defined as being a loan that has been secured using real estate. A shared appreciation mortgage is as its name indicates, a mortgage where the borrower agrees to pay part of the appreciation in the value of the real estate used to secure the mortgage to the lender.… more