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Boston Condo Association Requirements for Employee Dishonesty Insurance – Mortgage Tip

Fidelity Employee Dishonesty Insurance covers your Boston condo association in case someone were to steal or embezzle money from the condo board budget. For Boston condos with more than 20 units in the building, this insurance is actually required.… more

Purchasing Foreclosed Homes in the Greater Boston Area – How to Find the Owner – Mortgage News

During the years after the housing bubble burst, banks foreclosed on a large number of homes in the Boston area. While lenders foreclosed on some new properties owned by developers, the availability of these properties is limited, but the values are significant.… more

Boston Borrowers May Be Eligible for Money as Part of National Mortgage Settlement

Borrowers in the Greater Boston Area May Be Eligible for Money from the National Mortgage Settlement The Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley, recently announced that borrowers in the state, including those in the Greater Boston area, may be eligible for payments stemming from the National Mortgage Settlement.… more

Filing an Insurance Claim for Flood Related Real Estate Losses in Greater Boston – Mid-Atlantic Storm Report

Floods can be traumatising, and cause a lot of damage but, if you have sufficient insurance coverage, things can be made much easier. Steps To Be Taken To File Your Insurance Claim Collection of Proof of Damage: The first thing you should do upon returning to your house is document all of the losses.… more

Natural Disaster Assistance – Boston Real Estate News

Hurricane Sandy cut a path through the Boston area and whole of the Northeast Coastline, leaving damaged homes and businesses in her wake. Fortunately, there is a government assistance program available which is not widely known that can help victims of disasters rebuild or purchase a new home to start over in.… more