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Mortgage Creditor Protection A Dirty Secret of the Mortgage Industry Explained – Boston Home Loans

Three things I feel very confident is; the sun will rise, the government wants taxes and if you buy a home you’ll be solicited to buy Mortgage Creditor Protection sometimes known as Mortgage Life Insurance.… more

Mortgage Task Force Formed By Attorneys General

Ten state attorneys general and four federal agencies have announced the formation of a task force to combat mortgage fraud. According to a statement issued by Washington state Attorney General Rob McKenna, targets of the enforcement effort include equity skimming, bogus foreclosure rescue, straw purchases and unethical lending practices.… more

BoA To Formally End Countrywide Era, Add Mortgage Jobs

Bank of America said it plans to eliminate the brand name of Countrywide – nearly synonymous with the subprime crisis and deceptive lending in the public imagination – by the end of April, although BoA chief executive Ken Lewis recently said the lender is “on fire, in a positive sense.” Despite remaining on track to eliminate 7,500 Countrywide positions, the bank said it expects to create hundreds of new loan production jobs.… more