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3 Common Roadblocks to FHA Loans – Boston Mortgage

If you’re thinking about securing a mortgage in the Greater Boston area, you’d be wise to consider an FHA loan. A loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers tremendous benefits, including lower down payments, better interest rates, and easier credit qualifications.… more

Dropping The FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium – Past & Present – Boston FHA Loan Insights

All mortgage loans from the Federal Housing Administration require Mortgage Insurance Premiums, which is equivalent to the Private Mortgage Insurance charged by private lenders. In the past, the payment of these premiums could be dropped after a certain period of time, paying off a certain amount of the loan.… more

FHA 203k Rehab Loans – Pay for House and Repairs Together in Boston

The real estate crisis which occurred a few years back has caused a record number of foreclosures in Greater Boston. Many of these foreclosed homes now lie in very bad shape (due to the lack of care), and will require you to spend a considerable amount of money on repairs — money which you may not necessarily have.… more

FHA Made Simple – Boston Mortgage Update

The popularity of the government backed mortgage programs (notably FHA loans) continues to increase every year. If you are planning on applying for a mortgage loan in Boston, you’ll have noticed that FHA mortgage loans have superior stats compared to standard home loans: in terms of the interest rate which is charged, the down payment which is required, and the ease of acceptance of the loan.… more