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5 Mass Housing Home Loan Caveats for Condos – Boston Condo Loans

There are five things you need to know about buying a condo with a Mass Housing Home Loan. First: Mass Housing follows the general Fannie Mae guidelines for condo approval but has additional requirements.… more

Boston Condo Projects with More than 20% Commercial Space Miss on Fannie Freddie Loans

For Boston area condos, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac don’t want more commercial influence than 20% of the total square footage. Another way to put it is that no more than 20% of a condominium project can be used for commercial space when getting a Fannie or Freddie mortgage.… more

Not All Condos are Create Equal – Understanding How Condos are Classified for Purchase – Boston Condo Loan Update

Condos can sell fast, because of the many advantages they offer over individual houses. If you are planning on starting the search for a condo, it’s helpful to be aware that not all condos are the standard apartment type.… more