New House Financing: 5 Trends in New Home Construction – Boston

Those who say there’s nothing new under the sun haven’t heard the latest real estate news. The National Association of Realtors predicts 2014 will see 1.13 million new homes built in the U.S., up over 200,000 from the previous year. The Boston area will be no exception, as many home buyers here are seeking all things shiny and new.

As the construction continues, these are some of the trends you can expect to see.

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1. Earth-Friendly Everything
Good news for eco-conscious buyers and the planet: energy-efficient housing is the rage. From windows and insulation to HVAC systems and LED lighting, it’s all about going green. This also extends to design, including earthy and reclaimed materials and non-polluting paints and varnishes.

2. Specific Spaces
Just as open floor plans became oh-so-trendy, specific specialty rooms are now on-trend. They’re built to serve a purpose and be unique; in-law suites, convenient mud rooms, man-caves, and outdoor living rooms are more in demand than ever.

3. Storage, Storage, and More Storage
It’s all about useable space these days, and builders know homeowners want to maximize their living (and storing) areas. This means larger garages, walk-in closets, giant pantries, and lots of cabinets. It also means wasted space—such as cathedral ceilings—is on its way out.

4. Traditionary Design
Not quite modern, not quite old-fashioned—it’s all about meeting in the middle now. Contemporary touches and modern amenities are blended with traditional, family-friendly warmth, to give homeowners flexibility and suit changing tastes.

5. Smart Homes, Smart Wallets
Home automation is still a growing trend, but as prices come down, builders and designers are realizing houses can be intelligent without being outrageously expensive. They’re including systems that can be controlled through tablets and smartphones, managing lighting, security, temperature, and more. Low-cost convenience is always smart.

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