How to be Rockstar Spouse While Buying a House

Today, I am going to discuss How to be Rockstar Spouse while obtaining a mortgage. I decided to talk about this because it is so important to keep everyone in the loop. From the point of “Hello”, you need to set the tone and let all the parties know you are in this together.

1 Make sure the spouse’s full contact information, including the email address, is in your phone, so you can share the contact quickly.

2. When submitting a loan application, make sure all of your spouse’s information is in there correctly also. If your spouse is not on the mortgage, replace your personal work email with your spouse’s personal email. You can also replace your home number with your spouse’s cell number.

3. When writing an email, put your spouse on the top line – the TO line, and not the carbon copy line. It is proper loan etiquette when someone is part of the transaction to put them on the top line.

4. Before making any decision, always ask your spouse’s opinion and involvement.

5. Tell your spouse you love them. A happy spouse is a happy house.

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