3 Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home Before Selling

Whether or not you consider yourself a tidy person, the belongings and artifacts that populate your home can end up being an obstacle when it comes time to sell. The key thing to remember is that buyers are looking to imagine themselves living in your home, and the more of your own stuff you have lying around, the harder it’s going to be for them to do that.

Of course, you don’t want to show a completely empty home either, but a good balance is possible. Here are a few tips for de-cluttering that will make your home more attractive without sapping away all of your time and energy.

 sell photo1. Put some of your stuff into storage

If you’re selling this home and moving into another, you may already have a storage unit for some of the belongings you’ll be transporting. Either way, putting some of your items into storage to thin out the clutter in your home is usually a wise investment.

The cost of renting a modest unit for a month (or a few) shouldn’t be too high, and the difference it can make in your home’s attractiveness and value can be tremendous. Storage units are especially great for dealing with large items such as furniture and exercise equipment.

 2. Deal with the small items

We know it’s daunting, but when it comes to de-cluttering, you’ll want to concentrate a lot of your attention on the many small items and objects that collect in a home over the years. Yes, you’ll need to have some décor, and you’ll probably want to leave a few items on display, but it makes sense to remove the vast majority. When it comes to small items, we’re talking everything from picture frames to books to kitchen utensils to toiletries. Store these off-site if possible, but at the very least you’ll want to make sure they’re out of sight.

 3. Consider hiring a home stager

Although it’s certainly possible to de-clutter and stage your home all by yourself, or with the help of your agent only, it’s often a wise investment to hire a professional to do some of the work for you. Though home staging is a relatively new profession, it’s already had such an impact on the market that most buyers expect to walk into open, pristine, and flowing spaces when shopping for a new home.

Home stagers have the advantage of knowing the tricks of the trade, as well as an outsider’s perspective—plus they can bring in decorative touches of their own, which will save you money. You shouldn’t consider it necessary to hire a stager, but in many cases it will help your home to sell more quickly and fetch a higher price.

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