About Phil Ganz

Phil Ganz is a Boston native with years of mortgage experience in his home city. He has a degree in economics, a deep understanding of the mortgage market, and strategic relationships with banks and lenders. But what’s most compelling about Phil is his strategy: he cares, and it shows.

The best illustration is Phil’s approach to pre-approvals. Well aware of the common practice among mortgage brokers of handing these out with nothing but a credit score, Phil sets a higher standard. He will never tell you you’re qualified unless he’s certain. This avoids disappointment and overreaching, and honors reality and efficiency. Beyond this, Phil makes the effort to learn exactly which loan is best for clients—and informs them as to why.

Phil also understands that rigorous preparation is crucial when seeking a loan. Where competitors fall short, Phil devotes time to make sure the details of your offer check out. As a direct lender for Fairway Mortgage Corporation, Phil has access to a wide range of options. He exhaustively researches what’s best for each client, and won’t stop until he’s gained certified pre-approval for the most favorable loan based on your needs.

When you work with Phil, you can count on dedicated, reliable, and legitimate service—from a loan officer who invests in you. If you want to learn more, read about Phil’s services or apply for a loan today.