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Don’t Confuse Pre-Qualification with Pre-Approval – Boston Home Loan Jargon

As a senior loan officer serving the Greater Boston area, I work with lots of first-time homebuyers who feel just a bit intimidated by all the mortgage terminology.… more

Mortgage Creditor Protection A Dirty Secret of the Mortgage Industry Explained – Boston Home Loans

Three things I feel very confident is; the sun will rise, the government wants taxes and if you buy a home you’ll be solicited to buy Mortgage Creditor Protection sometimes known as Mortgage Life Insurance.… more

Common Mortgage Loans Offered by Lenders in Greater Boston – Boston Home Loan Update

When applying for a mortgage loan in Boston, it can help to familiarize yourself with the common mortgage loans offered by lenders in the Greater Boston area, to ensure that you get the best deal possible.… more

Good Reasons for Refinancing Your Home Loan – Greater Boston Refinance Update

Refinancing is defined as “Replacement of a debt obligation with another obligation under different terms and conditions”. In short you will approach your own lender to change the terms of your loan contract or approach another lender for a new contract entirely.… more

Expert Real Estate Predictions for 2012 – Greater Boston Mortgage Update

How will a hopeful 2012 compare to the previous year in home buyer attitudes? Where is the mortgage market going? In 2011, sure, the Greater Boston area was hit by the recession, with the usual story of mortgage defaults and bank foreclosures.… more

Home Styles in the Boston Area – For Those Considering a Mortgage

One of the most historic areas in the country, Boston has been an important city in American history and remains an important metro area today. Boston and the surrounding area offer prospective homeowners a wide variety of styles to choose from.… more