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Selecting From the 4 Primary Boston Home Types – Boston Mortgage Tips

Before you start searching for the perfect house in the Greater Boston Area, you should decide on the type of house which you want. This is an important first step; not only are there many types of homes on the market, you will also be spending a great deal of money, so it’s important to buy the home you want.… more

3 Common Roadblocks to FHA Loans – Boston Mortgage

If you’re thinking about securing a mortgage in the Greater Boston area, you’d be wise to consider an FHA loan. A loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers tremendous benefits, including lower down payments, better interest rates, and easier credit qualifications.… more

Mortgage Loan Brokers in Boston

A mortgage loan broker is basically a middle man of sorts whose main goal is to bring a borrower and a lender together. If you contact a broker in Boston and hire him or her, the broker will search through the many lenders in the Greater Boston area and provide you with the many options which are available.  … more

Filing an Insurance Claim for Flood Related Real Estate Losses in Greater Boston – Mid-Atlantic Storm Report

Floods can be traumatising, and cause a lot of damage but, if you have sufficient insurance coverage, things can be made much easier. Steps To Be Taken To File Your Insurance Claim Collection of Proof of Damage: The first thing you should do upon returning to your house is document all of the losses.… more