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Selecting From the 4 Primary Boston Home Types – Boston Mortgage Tips

Before you start searching for the perfect house in the Greater Boston Area, you should decide on the type of house which you want. This is an important first step; not only are there many types of homes on the market, you will also be spending a great deal of money, so it’s important to buy the home you want.… more

Balloon Mortgage Loans In the Greater Boston Area – Characteristics

While not for the average mortgage customer, a balloon mortgage loan in the Greater Boston Area does have its set of unique advantages. However, a thorough understanding of the loan and its inherent characteristics is a must before signing any loan contracts; because of the risks associated with this loan.… more

Mortgage Loan Modification In The Greater Boston Area – Characteristics

Mortgage loan modification is similar to a mortgage refinance wherein you change the features of your mortgage loan to suite your needs. A mortgage loan modification will also you to make changes to your loan characteristics, if, you can prove that you are going through a period of financial hardship.… more