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Welcome – Introduction by Phil Ganz – Boston Mortgage Lending Expert

Hi, my name is Phil Ganz, thank you for taking the time to visit my page. Let me start by saying thank you to all my customers who have helped me be in the top 1% of my industry for the past 13 years.… more

Avoid Getting Ripped Off – Get a Lower Boston Down Payment for Your House With Private Mortgage Insurance – Boston Home Loans

Who has 20% to put down on a home loan? If you live in Massachusetts, only 18% have that down payment. The rest have to pay PMI (private mortgage insurance).… more

Co-Signers in the Greater Boston Area – Prerequisites and Sources for Boston Home Loans

If you have applied for a mortgage loan in the Greater Boston Area, you may have had your application rejected for one of the following reasons: – Low income – High amount of liabilities – Lack of credit history In that case, a co-signer may be able to help.… more