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How Much You Can Get Pre-Approved for and Debt to Income Ratio Explained – Boston Mortgage

A common question in the home buying process is how much can I get pre-approved for? The formula lenders use for qualification is called debt to income ratio, known as DTI which is your monthly debt divided by your gross income – income before taxes are taken out.… more

Five Things You Need to Know about Mass Housing Loan Program Before You Buy a Home – Boston Mortgage

I have five things that you need to know about Mass Housing. First; in select areas like Boston that are highly urban, you do not need to be a first time home buyer, so if you’ve already bought a home you can go buy another one.… more

Shared Appreciation Mortgage – Pros and Cons – Boston Home Loan Information

Introduction to Shared Appreciation Mortgages Mortgages are defined as being a loan that has been secured using real estate. A shared appreciation mortgage is as its name indicates, a mortgage where the borrower agrees to pay part of the appreciation in the value of the real estate used to secure the mortgage to the lender.… more

Private Mortgage Loans from Individuals or Family – Advantages and Disadvantages – Boston Home Loan Focus

We’re not afraid to talk about it: Other than then usual sources, such as a bank or a lender that most people use to obtain a mortgage loan in Greater Boston, another viable option available to you is to simply take a loan from a family member or a close friend.… more